Missing Meeting or Engagement

I attended a monthly referral roundtable made up of high-powered consultants and executives: recruiter, banker, attorney, venture capitalist, publicist. I didn't want to reverse-market myself by being absent; so when I had to miss a meeting, I sent this note to the founder and his assistant.
From: Bill Frank at CareerLab [wsfrank@careerlab.com]
Sent: June 21, 20— 8:55 AM
To: Jessica Hyatt
Cc: Jeremiah Trumpeter
Subject: Will miss Wednesday's roundtable

Jess and Jerry,
Unfortunately, I will miss this Wednesday's meeting. I'm leading a management retreat which conflicts with the meeting time.

I put the August-December dates on the calendar.
Thanks so much for your ongoing efforts.


P.S.—Please give my regrets to the group.
William S. Frank (Bill)

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