After Sales Lunch and Tour

I had a lunch tour with an executive at The University of Denver School of Business right after they unveiled their magnificent new headquarters. The idea was to introduce our testing and assessment into university programs, or into their outside consulting engagements.

Asking for a prospect's resume or C.V. flatters them and gives valuable sales insight. Daniel was a CareerLab consultant who knew Roberta well. I didn't want Daniel to feel I was going behind his back by meeting with Roberta while he was traveling.

September 13, 20—

Roberta K. Miller-Jalal, Ph.D.
Manager, Business Development
University of Denver School of Business
2020 South Colorado Boulevard
Denver, Colorado 80207


I really appreciated our time together.  You're a wonderful host, and I felt lucky to share some of the opening-day excitement at the University of Denver School Of Business.

You have an interesting background, and I'd like to learn more about it.  Do you have a resume or C.V. you could send me?

I left very excited about possibilities for working together.  The Birkman Method could be the answer to your many of your assessment needs.  One thing you might consider is taking the assessment yourself, as a gift from us, to see what you think of the results.  The questionnaire takes about an hour and can be completed on the Internet.

Daniel is back in town today, and I'll let him know what we're up to.

Thanks, and let's keep talking,

William S. Frank

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