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I gave The Birkman leadership assessment to a human resources executive hoping she would use the instrument for her management team. Busy executives often work 60-80 hour weeks, and seldom have time for leisurely chats.  Notice that she took about two weeks to reply.

A brief e-mail can move your sales process along. In this case, I didn't want to drop the ball, but I also didn't want to annoy Lauren. Earlier, she had belonged to TOP-12, the human resources group I started. I used that context to frame my contact with her. As you'll see by her reply, she postponed our meeting, and subsequently took a job out of state.

From: William S. Frank
Sent: June 15, 20— 8:29 AM
To: Lauren Kessler
Subject: Your Senior Leadership Team

Hi Lauren,
I know you're busy, but we've had some interesting presentations at TOP-12 that would interest you. One in particular about Dave Jernigan.

Would you have time for lunch sometime in the next month?  I'd like to share it—as well as catch up.  What works for you?


From: William S. Frank
Sent: June 24, 20— 8:06 AM
To: Lauren Kessler
Subject: Your Senior Leadership Team


I'm checking to see if you're still interested in using the Birkman results to develop and align your senior leadership team? If so, we could have a brief breakfast or cup of coffee to discuss what we might do and what the outcomes would be.

Have a great TODAY!


From: Lauren Kessler
Sent: July 13, 20— 10:28 PM
To: Bill Frank
Subject: RE: Your Senior Leadership Team

Dear Bill:

Thanks for the inquiry.  Right now I don't think we are interested in moving forward, but I would like to keep you in mind when the time comes that we consider this.
Take care,

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