Where Do Things Stand

I've written hundreds of these brief e-mails to move things toward a sale. In this case, I was pursuing work at a brand-name sporting goods company and had invited their Vice President of Human Resources to attend my executive roundtable, TOP-12.

I sent her an e-mail which said, "RSVP Today: Will you attend TOP-12 September 29?" She e-mailed: "Will be out of town.  Boy did the summer go by fast!" My real interest was not in the roundtable, but in working for her, so I sent the note below. Nic Randolph was one of our consultants. Thornton Garey was a company executive.

Hi Susan,

Yes, the Summer came and went. Last time we talked, Nic Randolph was talking with Thornton Garey. (I was on the conference call.) After that, no feedback. Nic's calls to Thornton went unanswered.

You also wanted Nic to facilitate leadership meetings. I'm curious as to what's happened, if anything.

It seemed as if we had a lot of momentum going—then nothing.
Any comments are appreciated.


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