Belated Happy Birthday

A CareerLab consultant sent me a belated happy birthday e-mail, and I thanked him and wished him happy birthday in return. David also has a May birthday.

From: David Clay
Sent: May 29, 20— 8:59 AM
To: Bill Frank
Subject: Happy Birthday

I know I am close, maybe a little late, however, Happy Happy Birthday. Thought I might catch you in the office this morning. Today I am 60, but lucky to feel like 39, truly!! Thanks Bill for everything, your love and compassion for me and my family is very special. You and Suzanne are always in our prayers.

Thank you, David. My birthday was Friday, 5/27, and I'm 58 (I think). Like you, I'm lucky to feel "39." Happy Birthday to you, with love and affection,


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