Congratulations On Promotion #2

Sera was a career client who received a promotion. She did not know the full range of services we offered, so I made it a point of pitching them to her, in the friendliest of ways. The close contains one of my favorite lines: "Let's look for ways to work together."

Subject: Congratulations! I'm proud of you!
Date: 22 Sep 20— 11:20:04 -0600
From: "William S. Frank"
To: Sera Kellie


I received the announcement of your promotion yesterday, and tried to call you today, but missed you. I'm thrilled to see the new direction your career has taken. I remember your sitting in our offices not so long ago wondering what the future held.  This just proves you can't keep a superstar down!

Your new job might give us an opportunity to work together again—something I would love.  I've been active in the human resources arena for 20 years, a member of SHRM, on the board of directors for the Colorado Human Resources Association. So HR is our strength.

You know us as an outplacement firm, but we're also heavily involved in testing and assessment, performance improvement, executive coaching, teambuilding, conflict resolution, change management, organizational surveys—anything that has to do with the people/performance side of HR.

As your new career unfolds, let's stay in touch and look for ways to work together.

You're the best,


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