Congratulations On Retreat Leadership #2

A friend and former client is the Chief Financial Officer for a national restaurant chain. He introduced me into his company as a sounding board for the CEO, and gave me several other executive coaching assignments.

When I heard they were having a two-day retreat, I asked, "Who's going to be facilitating the retreat?" When they said, "We're not sure yet," I suggested leading it myself, and they accepted. It was a fantastic two days and this is my follow-up to the CFO. I also wrote a follow-up to the CEO, and asked him for a letter of reference, which he provided.

Congratulations on your leadership in this week's retreat. Your confident voice lends immense credibility to the strength of the enterprise. You think on your feet—that's impressive.

You and Hale make a good team. He communicates the vision, you communicate the reality and promise of the financials—you really know your stuff. Watching you during the meeting, I was proud to be your friend [not that I'm not always proud of you]. It just struck me that they really need you right now, and you're in a position to make an immense difference.

I believe Miles Kelley, your Chief Operating Officer, is right: COR Restaurant Group is a space ship ready to be launched. Just light a match. I had a long chat with Miles, and he said you're the best boss he's ever had, and he really admires you. [That's saying a lot when an industry veteran respects the young upstart.]

Thanks for involving me in COR Restaurant Group, Inc. I have a passion for your success and believe I too can make a big difference.

Talk soon,

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