Getting Referrals

Monika Lovaglio had interviewed us for a national healthcare publication. We asked her to make some introductions for us, and she produced this nice letter. Referral letters like these always open doors. Whenever possible, ask others to help you. This gives you leverage.

"Would you mind calling her, Would you mind setting up a lunch, Could you arrange a conference call, Would you mind sending her an e-mail, or Would you mind arranging a meeting and sitting in with us?" are all good questions that allow others to open doors for you.

Sent: May 26, 20— 4:23 PM
Subject: phone call reception

Dear Michael:

I have been working with Bill Frank, CEO of CareerLab, and Henning Marks, M.D., who runs their PhysicianCareerNetwork™. Careerlab is in Denver. I am impressed at their ability to evaluate, broadcast, and place physicians in and outside of medicine.  As you know, medical practice is in a turmoil right now, and about 80,000 doctors are looking for alternative careers, in and outside of practice.  Their web site is

I would greatly appreciate it if you would take their phone call, because I believe their services would be of value to many in your vast physician network.

Monika Lovaglio

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