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I receive a lot of drive-by inquiries like this. The writer is shopping around, and they'd be pleased if you spent an hour compiling a detailed e-mail explaining your pricing structure and everything you've ever done. I always reply to these inquiries, because sometimes they hit pay dirt. But I also know that the writer could be a competitor. I try to give them enough to motivate them to call me if they're serious.

From: Nick Schewe []
Sent: March 03, 20— 12:24 PM
Subject: Please send me info about your executive coaching
Nick Schewe

Hi Nick,

Executive coaching is a broad topic, usually divided into 1) corrective coaching, 2) performance improvement, or 3) career transition assistance. What is your interest area, and are you shopping for yourself or someone else?

Were you referred by a friend, or did you find us online? We have several heavily-experienced coaches in the firm. In case you haven't seen my client list, you'll find it here:

We charge by the hour or by the project, your choice. Last Friday I learned that one of my clients took a $240,000 job with 50% bonus, and $75,000 signing bonus. That was a 35% salary increase and my fees to him were $1500.

Give me a call if you'd like to talk further.


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