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February 15, 20—

Susan Wilhelm
Copy Supervisor
POB 1285-101
One Oxford Center
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Dear Ms. Wilhelm:

Am I too late? Tell me I'm not too late! I located your Copywriting ad via Adweek Online a few weeks ago, so I'm not sure where you are in the selection process for this position. Embracing uncertainty as I do, if you still have an interest, I though I'd give you the skinny...

A glimpse of my experience...
I've spent the last six years calling myself an advertising copywriter (four of those with actual business cards to prove it), honing critical experience in both the consumer and business-to-business markets. I'm not entry level. But I am just as hungry. From direct mail and print campaigns to radio and television, I've written for many mediums to both develop and assist clients as they prepared for market introductions, product launches and the daunting world of cyberspace. Read on to learn what that entailed...

Three start-ups, one award, loads of ambition...
Can I juggle multiple project coordination, market research and client copy duties using a (now-obsolete) Macintosh Powerbook 165 and a cranky LaserJet? Can I pull a few all-nighters to prepare documentation, as well as finger sandwiches, for a critical new business pitch? Can I write a "user-friendly" software manual describing the functionality and features of an Oracle Applications-based, on-line reconciliation system? Can I do it in four days? "You bet I can."

Okay. So, most of my career has been both blessed and cursed by my attraction to the promise (and adventure) of yet another hyper-profit, creatively-driven "hot shop." I think I've cured it. But through the chaos and hat-swapping, I've still managed to focus on the words, the voice, and the objectives to recently take home my first industry award, where I was recognized—not for meeting an impossible deadline, or for the variety of bagels I chose—but for my copy.

Other useful credentials...
...proficient in researching, interviewing, editing, and proofreading. My spelling-stellar, and my grammar-solid. I possess experience working with a number of Fortune 1000 companies, reported to an "Information Architect" at my last job, and fully understand the delicate synergy between "strategy" and "creative."

Naturally, I would be interested in learning more about your copywriter position in person. If you find my qualifications compatible, I can be reached most mornings at (412) 555-1234. I look forward to your call.


Victoria A. Arlia

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