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February 15, 20—

Marketing Position
319 South Craig Street, Suite 200
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3731

Dear Hiring Manager:

Your advertisement in this week's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is now highlighted in day-glow yellow. Your company's new name is on my lips with every contact I speak to. Little by little, I'm learning more and more about the mission of Verio, but feel just as compelled to interest you in the marketing experience I can offer your company. So, in response to your recent ad, here's the skinny ...

A glimpse of my experience ...
I've spent the last six years as an advertising copywriter, honing critical experience in both the consumer and business-to-business markets. From direct mail and print campaigns to radio and television, I've written for many mediums to both develop and assist clients as they prepared for market introductions, product launches and the daunting world of cyberspace.

How trade show experience sweetens the deal ...
At élan communications, I had the outstanding opportunity to work for a wide range of world-class clients, both national and international. As a subsidiary of Exhibitgroup/Giltspur, the world's largest exhibit company, élan afforded me the chance to focus on the fast-paced world of trade show marketing. In addition to strategizing and conceptualizing year-long trade show campaigns, I've produced everything from journal advertisements and pre-show mailers to marketing collateral and internal correspondence. I also had the opportunity to travel, work closely with client teams and product managers, and really learn an area of "full-service marketing" most marketing professionals know little about.

How my experience translates to marketing Verio...
Easy. I have experience with everything you've articulated for the Marketing position. (i.e. direct mail, seminars, trade shows, and creative marketing programs) But, even more importantly, I'm a pop-culturally versed "GenX'r", inescapably immersed in the hype surrounding the Internet revolution, and fully understand the compelling desire for a T3. I'm sure you'll find the rest in the preceding two paragraphs.

Naturally, I'm anxious for an opportunity to meet with you and discuss the position in person. I can be reached most mornings at (412) 555-1211.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Victoria A. Arlia

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