After Phone Call With Recruiter For Advertising/PR

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February 3, 20––

Ms. Judith Erickson
Manor Oak 3, Suite 611
1910 Cochran Road
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15220

Dear Ms. Erickson:

Thank you for the opportunity to send my resume for the position you are filling for your Philadelphia client. The position of vice president in a major agency handling high-tech clients certainly would provide the challenge I seek to enhance my career.

I was pleased to learn that Diane Roth, with whom I have worked closely as a fellow officer of the Public Relations Society of America, passed along my name as a potential candidate.

As I mentioned during our telephone conversation, I am entering the job market because of major organizational changes at Ogilvy & Mather.

During my career, I have worked in both agencies and major corporations, so I know the sensitivities and working relationships that exist in both arenas.

I am a "quick study" with the ability to apply my communications and management skills to nearly any industry or discipline. My several years of experience with high-technology firms are shown on my resume. These assignments enabled me to work the entire product spectrum from research and development through manufacturing and marketing.

Two versions of my resume are attached. The shorter one provides a quick overview of my career. The more lengthy version--a dossier, if you will--explains in greater detail exactly what I have accomplished in each of my professional assignments.

As I mentioned, my present salary is $80,000. The responsibilities of the position you described and the necessity to move to the Philadelphia area would place my minimum salary requirements in the upper $80s.

Thank you for reviewing my credentials. Please contact me should you need additional information to assess my qualifications.

Wishing you well,

Mark C. Stankovic, Jr.
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