After Phone Call With Recruiter For R&D/Technology

212 Old Lake Road | Worthington, Ohio 43085
H: 614-858-1858 | C: 614-826-2538 |

August 1, 20––

Ms. Sharon King
Management Recruiters of Cleveland
20950 Center Ridge Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44116

Dear Ms. King:

Thank you very much for taking some time with me in our recent telephone conversation. Your advice has been most useful.

I am seeking a position as an R&D/Technology Manager in a large firm or Director or Vice President of Technology for a small firm with a technology-driven product line. My broad technical background, together with marketing and profit center management experience should make me especially attractive to a smaller firm requiring a strategically-minded technical officer.

I have an excellent track record as a turnaround manager, Most recently, I took over a demoralized, moribund $12 million/year profit center and built its profitability from losses in 20-- to over 10% net on volume at present while restoring morale. This was done without substantial staff reductions.

My geographic preferences are northeast and northern midwest. The Cleveland area is presently quite attractive because of my wife's employment situation. Compensation should range from the mid-$70s up and is dependent upon the location and nature of the job and the details of the compensation package.

I appreciate your efforts on my behalf.

Very truly yours,

Chang Young Li

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