Broadcast Letter To Recruiters For Director Of Manufacturing

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May 28, 20––

Lawrence D. Leidel
Executive Recruiter
100 South 12th Street
Richmond, Virginia 23218

Dear Mr. Leidel:

Bill Frank, President of CareerLab in Denver, made me aware of your leadership as a recruiter in Virginia and other southeastern states, and said that you may know exactly where I'd fit in best. My record of leadership and accomplishments as Vice President, General Manager, Division Controller and Director of Manufacturing is extensive:

  • As Vice President of six-plant company (450 employees), reduced breakeven point 21% in six months through cost cutting measures. Increased shipments of most profitable division 25% in only five months.
  • As Division Controller, successfully took over balance sheet and cash functions normally performed by main office. Established computer center handling this and division production and sales needs without interrupting operations. As a result, saved $70,000 the first year.
  • As General Manager, brought blow molding plant with a history of annual losses of $500,000 to break-even in only six months by increasing sales and raising production efficiencies from 51% to better than 83%.
  • As Plant Manager of large molding operation, turned around poor labor relations by emphasizing leadership and human relations skills, then negotiated first labor contract in ten years without a work stoppage, saving $900,000.
I am a graduate of Cornell University, and earned a Harvard M.B.A.

My current position as Vice President of a closely held firm is rewarding and challenging, but limited financial resources have eliminated possible growth for the foreseeable future. Therefore, I will consider a position with your client, where I can repeat my key manager manufacturing successes.

Also, I have several talented associates I would like to tell you about. Please call me this week when you can. I plan to be in town, and then traveling the following week.

Very truly yours,

George S. Coleman

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