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January 18, 20––

Mr. Richard T. Ferguson
Engineer's Search
300 Winter Street, Suite 320
Boston, Massachusetts 02108

Dear Mr. Ferguson:

Your firm has been recommended to me as specializing in the oil and gas industry and I would like you to be aware of my credentials. Enclosed is a resume and an excerpt from Fortune magazine which summarizes my experience and highlights a few of my accomplishments.

Most of my career has been in management and the financial areas. With participation in two turnarounds and one startup, my experience has been varied and I have built a consistently successful track record. I am adaptable and learn fast as evidenced by my level of accomplishment in jobs that varied greatly in content, and in three different industries. I have found that I enjoy working in smaller, more entrepreneurial businesses and that is what I am looking for now.

My job target is a position with a high management content, either in the operations or the financial area. It would ideally be with a company that has an entrepreneurial outlook, perhaps be five to ten years old and has sales of less than $100 million. The position could be in oil or mining, but that is not a requirement. A favorite alternate industry of mine is hazardous waste.

I am flexible on immediate compensation if there is adequate potential for growth. A chance to earn equity would be attractive. Although I am not seeking investment opportunities, I might consider a limited investment in the right situation. Geographic location is not a major consideration.

Mr. Ferguson, this should cover the key points. I will be glad to provide any other information you may need and can provide strong references when appropriate.

Many thanks,

Michael D. Burns


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