Broadcast Letter To Recruiters For Senior Management #2

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February 3, 20––

Ms. Barbara Simms
NYC Executive Search
10 East 21st Street
New York, New York 10010

Dear Ms. Simms:

As a Managing Partner in a $100 million company, as President of a $15 million company and, as Founder and President of a $5 million firm, I know how to manage--people--projects--offices--regions--companies--for a profit. My management and marketing skills have been instrumental in generating profits in the good times, recessionary periods, and now, as the economy slowly recovers.

I am interested in a firm that has plans for growth and/or diversification and which has an executive management position with both P&L and marketing responsibility and an equity potential.

I know that it takes enthusiastic, innovative, and decisive leadership to provide profits in today's marketplace. I have--and can--provide that leadership.

In addition, I have the financial experience to manage and analyze accounting information and negotiate with bankers and other financial groups with respect to long and short-term borrowings, letters of credit, and payroll arrangements.

I would like to meet or talk with you to see if your clients need someone with my capabilities. I'll call you next week to introduce myself.

Yours truly,

Steven R. Marinaro


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