Broadcast Letter To Recruiters For Senior Management #4

Five Warren Street | Concord, NH 03301
O: 603-224-3837 | H: 603-225-2823 |

March 17, 20––

Mr. George R. Reisinger
Managing Partner
Sigma Group, Inc.
717 17th Street, Suite 1440
Denver, Colorado 80202

Dear Mr. Reisinger:

My current position as Executive Vice President of a Fortune 50 company has been an excellent arena to become operationally involved in a variety of businesses and acquisitions from real estate development to image processing.

As General Manager, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, I have played key roles in the execution of successful turnaround situations, the development and implementation of acquisitions/divestitures and the design of marketing and operational strategies. The international exposure, outlined in the resume, includes foreign operations and acquisitions in the Far East, Australia and Europe.

Please review my qualifications against your current clients' needs. Certainly most of your placements come from within similar industries, however, many of my assignments have required fast learning curves and I have consistently produced results beyond what was expected.

Titles are not always an indicator of the responsibilities of a position. However, my objective will most likely be met by positions such as President, General Manager, Executive Vice President or CFO. In recent years my compensation has ranged from $100,000 to $150,000 annually. Although we love Concord, my family is ready to move for the right opportunity. Location, equity or stock options will be important considerations in my decision.

I would welcome a discussion regarding any possibilities of which you are aware.

Most sincerely,

Thomas L. Bouchard

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