Broadcast Letter To Recruiters For Senior Management #5

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February 3, 20––

Ms. Barbara Simms
NYC Executive Search
10 East 21st Street
New York, New York 10010

Dear Ms. Simms:

The new CEO at MBD Corporation has re-defined the direction of the organization and made large-scale management changes. As an example, in my division he has replaced six of ten senior managers in the first year, and eliminated most general manager positions. As a result, I left MBD on March 15th and am launching an active search for a new position.

I have extensive experience in upper management in one of the top service corporations in the U.S., and wish to apply this experience in a company that has plans for growth and/or diversification. Although highly successful in a $300+ million organization, I would also fit well into a smaller, entrepreneurial organization, say $5-25 million.

The following profile may be helpful in matching my background to opportunities you are working with:

Desired Positions
Chief Executive, Chief Operating Officer, or General Manager

Desired Duties and Responsibilities
General management with overall responsibility for marketing, operations, customer service, and profit/loss accountability.

Preferred Companies and Industries
Entrepreneurial companies, say $5-25 million, as well as larger, better-established organizations up to $150 million. Preferably privately owned, in service, manufacturing, or distribution industries.

Willing to relocate anywhere in continental U.S. Prefer the West or

$150,000 to $175,000 depending upon bonus and equity opportunities.

Please review my background in light of your present search assignments, and contact me regarding positions that require my management skills.

With sincere thanks,

 Brenda M. Ohlsono

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