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4500 Maxwell Avenue, Apt 3 | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 74292
H: 405-555-1212 | C: 405-575-8213 | johnstone@worldnet.att.net

August 13, 20––

M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
1515 Holcomb Boulevard
HMB 205
Houston, Texas 77030

I’m responding to your classified in the August 8th Houston Chronicle regarding your search for a Director, Physical Plant. The following shows how my qualifications match your stated requirements:


Bachelor’s degree. B.S. in  Physics, 20––
7 years of progressive manage-
ment and operations experience 7 years as a field engineer and 12 years as a district manager for Schlumberger, the world's largest provider of technical services to the oil & gas industry.
Direct the planning, budgeting and controlling functions of the physical plant. Submitted yearly budgets which included revenue, costs, service, maintenance, environmental, safety and personnel objectives. Was appraised on the district’s results versus these objectives.
Be responsible for the operation and maintenance of facilities. Was remote from my boss and managed my district without supervision. Worked daily with customers, vendors, peers, and subordinates to meet the customer’s service and logistics needs. Managed 30 employees including engineers, technicians, semi-technicians, maintenance support, and clerks, and 9 million in assets. Was responsible for recruiting, hiring, training, developing, appraising, and terminating of all district employees to meet district and budget objectives

Perhaps the M. D. Anderson Cancer Center needs someone with my versatility and experience in management. I have enclosed my resume and references and have other accomplishments which may interest you. Please call me at your convenience or return the enclosed reply letter.

Best regards,

Richard C. Johnstone


Dear Richard:

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M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
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