Sales Letter For Remodeling

First of all, "Need Help?" is the perfect headline. I've never seen anything better. Who could say "no." Everyone needs help.

Scott follows with, "I love to repair..." I like to hire people who love what they do, don't you? They're fun to work with.

He's labeled himself a "craftsman"--not a handyman. Another plus. The word "craftsman" implies quality, perfection, and attention to detail. Then he says he "cares." That's important. Who would prefer someone lazy, undependable, and indifferent?

Last of all, he offers "free estimate or advice . . ." Free advice is another nice touch--the essence of good service.

Scott did not exactly fit the "real job" mold. He was creative, an independent thinker, a "do-it-yourselfer." He loved the idea of working for himself. We created a repair/remodeling company for him, and the "Need Help?" letter was the cornerstone of his advertising campaign.

This piece was used numerous ways: as a letter, as a flyer, and as a newspaper ad. It worked so well that within a couple weeks Scott had more business than he could handle.

This is a good structure for a marketing letter. If you change a few words, anyone from an accountant to a vice president of finance can use it. It's short and powerful. Try it.

I love to repair, remodel, restore and renovate. Freelance craftsman does quality work at an excellent price. If you need help from someone who's hard working, dependable and who cares, call me. (Will consider barter or swapping for services.)

For free estimate or advice, call Scott at 303-771-4343.
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