Flyer To Get Attention At Conference For M.B.A.

This is a two page letter found at a trade show. Side one, written in magic marker, says "PLEASE TURN OVER!" Side two is below.

I found this handout on the information table at a convention. When I saw "Please turn me over" stamped in big black letters on a white sheet of paper, I couldn't resist. I turned the page and found this letter. The gimmick was good. I read the letter. It's short--that's a plus. But it's a bit too much "Here's what I want, here's what I need." It's too cold. When you're asking strangers to help, you need to be cordial. You need to give them a "reason why." Something offbeat like this might work if it were better written.
6455 W. Beates Ave | Denver, CO 80255
 H: 303-424-1300 | O: 720-449-2208 |

March 18, 20—

I am seeking employment at the executive level of a small company. In particular, I am requiring a position with high visibility that has a significant impact on both the operating and strategic decisions of the company.

Specific management positions in which I have experience and for which I am qualified include Vice President of Finance, Vice President of Manufacturing, and Chief Operating Officer. In addition to Fortune 100 companies, I have experience with a start-up company that successfully acquired venture funding, bank financing, and a merger partner.

My education includes a BSEE and MBA.

I am only interested in opportunities in Boulder County.

If you have referrals that will help expand my job search network, please contact me at either number below.

Keith B. Kellogg
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