After Being Turned Down for Consulting Assignment

Mitch interviewed me in his palatial suite on the 50th floor of a high-rise office tower in downtown Denver.  His family business had recently been acquired by a large corporation, and he wasn't fairing well under outside leadership. He wanted a coach. We had a friendly hour-long meeting, and I followed up about a week later.  Mitch chose another coach.  I replied in a cordial way, keeping the door open for the future.
TO: Mitchell Greene
Subject: Your Executive Coaching            
Date: January 21                                                    

Hi Mitch,

I'm checking in to see how you're coming along with your decision about an executive coach. Having met you in December, I'm confident we'd work well together.

As I told you, I have a long history of consulting to senior executives.  Last week, for example, I prepared the President of a public company for a presentation to the board of his holding company in Germany.

The objectives you set out in our first meeting are well within reach. Whenever you are comfortable making a choice, I think we should begin.

I understand that you are time-pressured, but I think we could accomplish a lot in a few brief conversations, maybe even by phone. Let me know how and when you'd like to proceed.

With best wishes,



-----Original Message-----
From: Mitchell Greene
Sent: Tuesday, January 22 8:15 AM
Subject: Re: Your Executive Coaching

Good Morning Bill,    

Thank you for your follow up to our meeting.  I've made the decision to go with someone else as my personal coach.  This was a difficult decision, because I liked all of the people I interviewed. Best of luck to you in the future and thank you for your time!!

Okay, Mitch.  I'm sorry you've chosen someone else,
but I understand coaching is a personal decision,
and I'm glad you found someone you feel good about.

My best to you,


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