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A prospective client traveled from Chicago to Denver to meet us.  When she returned home, she sent a follow-up e-mail, and I replied.  She had given us a book, so I returned the favor via Amazon.

"How to Get Control of Your Time and Your Life" by Alan Lakein literally changed my life. He suggested living within a mile of your work, and I adopted his idea. For 29 years I've lived less than two miles from my office, saving me thousands of hours in commuting time, and adding hundreds of thousands of dollars to my consulting revenues. There are two e-mails in this series: hers to me and my reply.

From: Sabrina Kotschwar [mailto:sabrinakot@gmail.com]
Sent: March 29, 20— 5:50 AM
To: wsfrank@careerlab.com
Subject: Boyd

Hi Bill,

Enjoyed our breakfast the other day.  I've sent the Boyd book I mentioned. That acronym I couldn't quite recall was the "OODA Loop" (Observation, Orientation, Decision, Action)."

The "Your Money or Your Life" book was by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin.

Can you tell me the name of the book that caused you to live near where you work?



Hi Sabrina,

I'm glad to see you made it home safely. I enjoyed our breakfast, too-plus the other time we spent together.  Everyone here really enjoyed you.  You're an interesting lady with a bright future.

I gave some thought to your idea of getting a temporary job quickly, then finding something more ideal later.  It sounds good on the surface, but my experience is that it takes just as long—sometimes longer—to find something that's not quite right, where you're underemployed.  Somehow the market suspects we have greater aspirations.

The time management book I mentioned is called "How to Get Control of Your Time and Your Life," by Alan Lakein—and it's on its way to you via Amazon.  I couldn't let you send me a book without returning the favor!

Best of luck, and we'll look forward to talking further next week.


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