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I just re-read this newsletter 17 years after writing it, and it still seems powerful. Let me walk you through it: #1: I always like to give something, and in this case I found a financial planning article my audience would want. #2: We passed a milestone (our 75th corporate client) and announced it, but also said we still work for individuals to avoid confusion. I named two high-profile cases.

#3: I had written two articles for prominent publications. I named them and promised to send one, thus creating the expectation of further contact. #4: I gave a heads-up on an office move to a "retreat-like setting," very much in keeping with our "small, personal" brand. #5: I remind them of our team members' names and wish them a happy, restful summer. #6 The P.S. contains a trial balloon on a possible upcoming seminar. If enough people are interested, we'll do the seminar. If not, we won't.

Summer 20—

Hello Again!

If you're saving for retirement, this article from the June issue of "Money" magazine, "Figuring Out How Much You Need," may interest you. I used it to chart my own course and found it easy-to-use and especially helpful.

At CareerLab we've just passed a milestone, having worked for our 75th major U.S. corporation. Of course, we still provide career counseling directly to individuals—mostly professionals, mid-level managers, and senior executives. Right now, for example, we're working with a Vice President of Marketing from a major ski resort, and a senior official from the Colorado governor's office.

I've just written an article for "The Denver Business Journal" called "Costly outplacement mistakes can hinder downsizing efforts," (June 28-July 4 issue), and another piece for "Colorado Business" magazine called "25 Hot Tips for Managing Your Career." I'll send the tips when published.

In mid-September we'll be moving our main office to Panorama Falls near Dry Creek and I-25. Located in a retreat-like setting, it's an ideal environment to rethink your career. (Our branch offices in Colorado Springs and downtown Denver will remain open, and our telephone numbers won't change.)

As for now, all or us here—Leeann, Libby, Hollie, Nick, and Evan—wish you a happy, restful summer.


William S. Frank

P.S.—What's next? A blockbuster Friday/Saturday retreat called "How to position your executive career for the future." It features top career, family, and financial experts. Are you interested? If so, I'd like to hear from you.

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