Thank You To Speaker #18

For five years, we hosted a monthly networking breakfast for $100,000K+ executives. The meeting featured a 30-minute talk by a well-respected authority on career management or job hunting, usually a successful client, major employer, or executive recruiter.

I gave each speaker a $50 gift certificate from Barnes & Noble and handwritten thank you note. I personalized the notes to make them memorable. The challenge was to write 60 different notes.

I had written several columns for "The National Business Employment Weekly," a publication of "The Wall Street Journal." Zach Billimek was my editor. When I learned that he was available to travel to Denver, I invited him to speak.

October 9, 20—


It's very kind of you to travel from New York to Denver to share your thoughts, ideas and wisdom.  I've enjoyed knowing you and watching your career since the early 1980s, and hearing you speak in person is a highlight for me.

Your friend,
Bill Frank

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