Status Report To Corporate Client

Corporate clients always enjoy hearing about progress and knowing what's going on. It's a bad sign if they have to call you first. In this case, we were hired to help assemblers for medical device find new employment. This is a typical status report.

May 22, 20—

Janelle Bruteszki
Manager of Human Resources
Swensen Industries, Inc.
13350 Dallas Pkwy # 3080
Dallas, TX 75240

Six (6) pages sent via e-mail. Hard copy to follow by FedEx.

Dear Janelle,

Here is the report you wanted on employment opportunities for electro-mechanical assemblers.  We called 48 organizations, including 20 temporary staffing agencies.  The reason we called the agencies is that many employers said they hired only through agencies.  And as you know, many temporary jobs go full time.

I'm sending you a five-page e-mail to be given to employees.  It gives all the contact information necessary.  The job market appears good for these skills; they appear to be in high demand.

I sent this report to you by FedEx so you'll have a clean copy to print and distribute.  I think it came out great; let me know what you think.

We haven't seen any outplacement assignments from Swensen lately, so I hope that doesn't mean we're performing poorly.  If it does, I'd like to hear about it.  Hope you  are well, and thanks for this assignment.

With best wishes,

William S. Frank
C: 303-555-1414

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