Unrealistic Deadline

I was presenting a national seminar on non-clinical careers for physicians and needed to create a presentation and handouts. The handouts turned out to be a 200-page manual. The seminar company created a series of rush deadlines which I thought were overly-aggressive and unnecessary. They also cut into my consulting practice.

The letter below relaxed the deadline and let me proceed according to my own timetable. Notice I didn't say "No." The seminars, by the way, were enormously successful. "1,000 Cover Letters For Consultants" never became a book. Instead, it's the website you're visiting.

You had suggested January 31 as deadline for handouts. That will be difficult for us.

We have about 25 MDs in our career transition program, and I'm the lead consultant.

Second, I'm finishing up my next book, "1,000 Cover Letters For Consultants: Tools to Build a Million Dollar Practice." The book deadline is the end of January.

Third, and perhaps most important, we are developing new material for this course that never existed before. That takes some incubation and discussion time.

I think the end of February is more realistic. That still gives you 2-1/2 months lead time. I spent several hours yesterday on the PowerPoint presentation, and it's shaping up nicely.

We can do whatever you need, but a little extra time will help us develop the A+ program you want.

I'll welcome your comments on this.

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