Leave Your Company Gracefully

When  a 6,000-person insurance company sold off a large business unit, the Vice President of Human Resources saw the handwriting on the wall, realized his job would soon be eliminated, and elected to leave the organization. This is the email he sent to alert his network.

SUBJECT: Jason Lannigan Career Change

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

After five years leading Human Resources for Mid-Century Insurance, I have made a carefully considered decision to leave the organization as of April 15, and explore other career options.

As many of you know, Mid-Century closed the sale of our Healthcare Division to Humana on April 1st. With that transaction, our employee population will soon decrease by 3,750, leaving us with 2,400 employees. Although it has not yet been determined that my employment would cease, I believe that conclusion to be self-evident.

Perhaps the hardest part of leaving the company is leaving my excellent team, who deserve recognition and credit for helping achieve significant strategic and tactical goals at Mid-Century over the past several years. I will miss them greatly and plan on remaining a resource to them in the future.

Over the next several months, I look forward to renewing old friendships and considering new career possibilities.

Best Regards,
C: 612-555-1212

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