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July 28, 20––

Mr. David Black
General Manager and Vice President
KSTV Channel 8
2300 Broadway, Suite 5200
Denver, Colorado 80202

Dear David:

I have been watching the exciting things you are doing at Channel 8.

You appear to be always reaching out, risking, looking for the new angle--the new idea--the new gimmick to benefit your viewers (and glue them to the set).

How would you feel about doing a brief weekly segment related to jobs and career--a very timely, HOT topic these days!

You might show such things as:

1. The excitement in the career market (not the 3.6 percent that aren't employed, but the 96.4 percent that are employed--and specifically the very few that love their work. The success stories. How they got there. The challenges they faced.

Their advice!
Their ideas!
Their enthusiasm!

2. Community resources and information.

3. The Denver market: Where it's HOT and where it's NOT.

4. How to choose the right job.

5. How to get a job fast--and so forth.

I would like to help you put these ideas together--and here's why you would benefit:

1. The public needs this information, wants this information--it's timely.

2. Companies are cutting from the top and no one is "secure" anymore. People are running scared.

3. The job market is in a turmoil, changing faster and faster, and that's not going to stop.

4. No one else is doing this.

I would be a good person to help you because I am a professional career planner--that's all I do. I have contacts and resources. I know the Denver job market inside out, but most of all, I am...

—Great at getting people excited.
—Great at getting people talking about themselves.
—Great at getting people involved.

Does this sound workable? I have lots of ideas--and I'm sure you do too! Let's get together and talk.


William S. Frank


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