01 Memo After Initial Interview

This is the first of a four-part series of letters in which a job offer is extended, negotiated, and ultimately accepted. The position in question is Senior Vice President for ABC Manufacturing, a $6 million recycling company based in Orlando, Florida. (The names are changed to insure confidentiality.) This memo to ABC Manufacturing followed the final interview, during which the candidate was told an offer would be forthcoming. This is a warm note expressing optimism and enthusiasm for getting started.


FR: David R. Willford
TO: Ronald Lando
RE: ABC Manufacturing

Dear David,

We arrived safely back in Los Angeles last night. The opportunity to discuss the business with you and Susan Henderson was very much appreciated. Your openess on all the issues of the company is something I am very comfortable with. These discussions will enable us to grow ABC profitably. In addition the chance to get an overview of a significant part of the Orlando area was very helpful.

Yesterday we found an apartment in Lake Buena Vista that would meet our needs. I discussed it with Karen Black and she thought it would be safe and convenient for my wife. I had them put a cost estimate together and I have enclosed it. It looks like $1500 per month will cover it. I will need to bring housewares and bedding, but I can bring that in my car. The occupancy date is February 4th, at the latest. I could live in a hotel for a few days if necessary.

I look forward to receiving your offer. In the meantime, I am working to clean up my business affairs here. If there are any questions do not hesitate to call.


David R. Willford

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