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November 17, 20––

Alberto Diaz
1234 East Bay Street
Miami, Florida 33131


Dear Alberto,

Since we last talked, my career at Wilson has taken an unusual turn. Although I continue to enjoy my work here--and have had a very successful and rewarding experience--the company has relocated the corporate headquarters from Houston, Texas to Orlando, Florida, where we have a large manufacturing operation. I've been offered a new position and have been asked to relocate to Orlando, a move that I'm considering. But my family and I would prefer to stay in Texas. Therefore, I feel this is a perfect time to consider other career options.

I'd like to leverage my most recent experiences as Chief Operating Officer of one of Wilson’s major subsidiaries: Tennis Manufacturing. In this role, I've grown from a pure CFO and operations role into major responsibilities in Product Development, Marketing, and Strategic Planning. I'm looking for long-term career opportunity with an organization that needs a seasoned executive to take responsibility for a business unit or senior operations role. OEM manufacturers, outdoor recreation companies, or consumer goods companies would make the best use of my background and experience.

I've enclosed my resume for your review, and I would appreciate your thoughts about ways to change or improve it.

I'll follow up with you in the next ten days to be sure you've received this letter, and I'd like to "pick your brain" about any people I should contact or companies I should pursue. Hope all is well with you, and I appreciate your taking time to consider my situation.


Peter W. Lincoln

P.S. -- Given the sensitivity of Wilson’s recent decision to relocate, I would appreciate your confidentiality regarding my search.
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