Broadcast Letter To Friends For Corporate Officer/Owner

When Bill Rector left the Presidency of a leading hi-tech manufacturing company, his first priority was to buy into a company and assume a leadership position. He sent out letters like the one below to friends and business acquaintances, attorneys, CPAs, and venture capitalists to develop a list of companies in which to invest. Within two weeks Bill had several good prospects. However, his campaign ended unexpectedly when he answered an intriguing want ad, and accepted the presidency of a company he had not considered.

This letter was sent to his TEC group, TEC standing for "The Executive Committee," a high-powered organization of CEOs who serve as unofficial advisors for one another. Notice that by changing the name of the group, the same letter can be sent to many audiences--lawyers, consultants, CPAs, fraternity brothers--anyone.
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November 17, 20––

Sally McNichols
US bank
12235 Broadway
St. Paul, MN 55164-9505


Dear Sally,

I am contacting follow TEC members in an effort to locate a company with very specific characteristics. Although this description probably does not apply to your business or group members, I'm hopeful that you may know of a business In your region which has the following attributes:

  1. A growing, industrial, high-tech electronic manufacturing firm.
  2. Annual revenues of $8 million to $40 million and less than 500 employees.
  3. A President/Owner who wants to transition out of day-to-day management and into the position of Chairman, Chief Technology Officer, or Chief Financial Officer.
The corporate parent of Microdevices, Inc. recently decided to exit the semiconductor industry and concentrate on core businesses in packaging and materials. The subsequent restructuring of this subsidiary for downsizing or immediate sale eliminated the need for my position. That is why I'm seeking a positive career step into a business similar to the one described above, either as a corporate officer or a potential owner.

Any assistance you can give me in locating such a firm would be appreciated.


William A. Rector

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