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November 17, 20––

Susan Anderson
Bank of California
2400 Patterson Boulevard
Bakersfield, California 03308


Dear Susan,

As you may have heard, after leaving Charles Schwab in late August, I traveled to Europe to help a friend launch an Internet money market fund. As I attempted to understand a culture so much older and distinctively different from our own, I saw that there were new and different ways of living my own life, and decided to pursue a long-cherished goal: to own my own consulting business.

In the past 20 years, I have had the good fortune to work in most aspects of marketing and communications – product development; direct and indirect promotions; investor, shareholder and employee communications; market research and more. I have conceived, written and produced programs for everything from cookbooks and tax-planning seminars to bank-sold variable annuities, REITs and mutual funds. My time at Schwab and, before that, SunAmerica, Integrated Resources and Pillsbury was both intellectually challenging and financially rewarding. I've enclosed my resume for your review, and I would appreciate your thoughts about ways to change or improve it.

Yet I look back upon my years spent running a marketing and communications consulting firm in Manhattan as the most rewarding period in my career, one that drew heavily upon all of my skills and accumulated knowledge, especially my analytical and project management abilities. Looking forward, I am excited about once again applying my experience and management expertise to creative problem-solving and marketing analysis  planning for a wide array of businesses.

I have named my company Fast-forward Marketing & Communications. It reflects my conviction that promotional and communications efforts should always aim to put the organization "into high gear." I believe that the breadth of my experience will enable me to determine appropriate methods for revving up a client'’ marketing efforts, and my extensive contacts with vendors and suppliers nationwide will keep projects efficient and cost-effective.

I plan to call you the week of November 27 to be sure you received this letter and to ask if you have any thoughts about people or companies that I should contact, or specific opportunities I should pursue. I would appreciate your advice and counsel on ways I can get my business up and running and look forward to talking to you. Till then . . .

Best regards and Happy Thanksgiving,


James T. Evergreen
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