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April 24, 20—

Thomas Blackman
Russell Reynolds Associates
320 Grand Avenue, Suite 4200
Los Angeles, California 90071

Dear Mr. Blackman:

Confirming our telephone conversation of this date, I am including my resume which is current up until 19—. In April of 19— I resigned my position with Texaco Oil Company to accept a position as Vice President of Supply and Distribution with Gulf Oil (U.S.), Inc. in their San Francisco office. In addition to being responsible for all of Gulf's crude oil activities, I was Vice President of Gulf Pipeline, Inc., a subsidiary company for Gulf's pipeline activity.

In November 19— I resigned my position at Gulf--along with seven other employees--to set up a crude oil purchasing and gathering operation for a company, Petrol, Inc., operating out of Houston, Texas. By March of 19— Petrol, Inc. had a change of heart, shut down the Houston operation and I was laid off.

During my employment at Texaco, the natural gas sales function reported to me and I supervised a gas sales contract person. Hopefully, the foregoing will be a sufficient update of my resume to acquaint you with my background and experience in the oil industry. My contacts and associations throughout the oil and gas industry are strong assets.

I'll call you Monday.


Todd R. Kliebstein
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