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Introduction by Bill Frank, author of this collection:

William S Frank, President/CEO of CareerLabFounded in 1978, we're an executive career strategy and leadership development firm based in Denver, Colorado USA. We've been hired by more than 350 brand-name companies to get results fast.

In 1980 I took a class called "How to get the job you really want" from Joe Sabah. In it he presented his "gold form," which was a direct mail letter. I adapted Joe's form for one of my clients, Linda Turnbaugh. She mailed 30 letters, got three interviews and a great job offer in a new field. I was hooked. I knew letters could open doors.

I felt concern for many of my clients. They were highly talented in their fields, but were unable to create interviews. Not knowing what to say, or how to say it, they couldn't get in the door.

I knew I could help them by collecting and publishing letters that really worked. From 1978-1988, I wrote, collected, and edited hundreds of letters. I took just the best of the best, the ones producing interviews or job offers.

In 1989, Ten Speed Press published my book "200 Letters for Job Hunters." It was the very first cover letter book on the market, introducing an entirely new genre. The book was an immediate hit. It was updated and re-issued in 1993, eventually selling more than 100,000 copies. In fact, I still receive (small) royalty checks 30+ years after the book first appeared.

In 1996, during the original dotcom days, we published the collection FREE online. Anyone could access any of the letters. When the dotcom bubble burst, we realized we'd have to charge a small fee to stay in business. We initiated a nominal subscription fee. With the advent of online advertising, primarily Google Adsense, we are able to support the site through ad revenue, so it's FREE again. 
My definition of a consultant is "Someone who wakes up every morning unemployed." Consultants are perpetual job-hunters, so they need letters too. I've been extraordinarily lucky with my consulting practice. I began in a spare bedroom of my house, and grew a $1,000,000 professional services business withn 11 years.

Letters, notes, memos, e-mails have played a vital role in that success. I'm an introvert masquerading as an extrovert, so the written word has helped me a lot. If you're consulting, or thinking about consulting, I'd like to share my library with you. Perhaps it will open some doors, defuse an angry client, announce a big event, or close an important sale.

To your success!

William S. Frank
wsfrank <at>

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